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2016-17 Annual Report

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Executive Summary
Mountain Children’s Foundation Annual Report 2016-2017

This year required a significant recalibration of the MCF’s activities. After a 6-year partnership, CRY decided to withdraw completely from Uttarakhand, including our hygiene and sanitation project in the Vikas Nagar block of Dehradun. (Notably, MCF was the last partner CRY worked with in the state, which speaks to the strength of that project.) This caused a significant gap in both our funding and our ability to continue to support the children in the 16 villages that has been participating in program.

However, thanks to support from individual donors, we are using the transition to explore how we can make our bal sangathans more self-sustaining over the long term. The program, which is now called the Good Souls Initiative, is being implemented in 8 out of the 16 villages in Vikas Nagar.

In addition, the MCF team’s work of the past 14 years and the sturdy partnership we have developed with the children is beginning to be recognized. This year, MCF won the eNGO Challenge Award and received a Certificate of Merit by World CSR, Asian Confederation of Business and Thought Leader. We have also earned a Gold Seal from Guide Star India, which we hope will open us up to more fundraising opportunities.

This year, MCF has made direct difference in lives of some 5,000 young people and through them 13,000 adults. Through our various outreach programs we have touched the lives of more than 18,652 adults and reached out to 31,744 adults. Our programs include:

MCF CHILDLINE – An emergency helpline for children.

This year, our team responded to a total 406 children in need of protection and support and conducted several outreach activities to generate awareness among the public about drug addiction, begging and child labor.

MCF CRY – Child Participation, Sanitation, Hygiene and Nutrition

The collective actions of bal sangathans in Vikas Nagar, Dehradun, has motivated 258 families to construct toilets in their homes without any money from MCF paying for construction. Through Healthy Home Surveys and Healthy Schools Surveys, the young people continuously inspire their peers and elders to follow healthy practices. They also remain active in the governance of their villages.  And in a quest to ensuring a clean and green environment, the young change makers and have been planting saplings every year and caring for them to ensure that they all grow into healthy trees. This year they planted 1,381 saplings.

MCF-CHEI: Central Himalayan Education Initiative: Bringing quality in education

In remote villages in Chamoli, the MCF-CHEI team at Vikas Nagar Ghat block worked to inspire children and their communities to voice their concerns and demand solutions, especially with regard to the quality and functioning of their anganwadis. As a result 20 mata samitis, anganwadi workers, SMCs, CBOs and bal sangathans are actively engaged to make Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) effective in their communities.


This program, which operates in concert with the MCF-CHEI initiative, is focused on providing potable water and safe sanitation facilities, improving anganwadis, and changing behaviors and attitudes on health and sanitation in the Vikas Nagar Ghat region of Chamoli.

Good Souls Initiative

This program picks up the work of the MCF CRY initiative on hygiene, sanitation, nutrition, reforestation and more after CRY’s decision to withdraw from Uttarakhand.

PABAM Magazine:

So far 168 issues of this monthly publication, which serves as a forum for the young people to share their ideas and experiences and documents their activities, have been printed. PABAM serves as a vital link, connecting children in remote pockets of Uttarakhand to one another. We also published and distributed a poster on nutrition, which was displayed at key locations.

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