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Unlock One

Our work during Unlock One
During Unlock 1 public transport was still not available and schools were closed in the mountains although online classes started making an appearance. Offices were opening at 1/3 capacity. Many communities were left without support, food or an income. MCF CHILDLINE had been giving aid in the form or food and other essentials during this entire period, but the population of those needing help expanded, as people who never previously needed help, found themselves in need of assistance. These newly vulnerable groups sometimes found it hard to ask for help, and it became incumbent upon MCF staff to recognize their new reality and treat their situation with appropriate sensitivity. Food rations were no longer the only focus: we soon had to provide assistance in educational activities for the children, awareness conversations about menstrualhealth, distributing sanitary napkins for the young girls and so on. In this way, we were able and willing to broaden our support of children in many other ways

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