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Climate Change Education For Adaptation

The UN says the next decade will see 175 million children affected annually by climate-related disasters.

 Children are the innocent sufferers of poor air quality, contaminated water and extreme heat. They are the least to blame for eroding the environment, but will bear the brunt of its impact in their lifetime. If awareness about the impact of climate-altering actions of their parents’ generation is denied to them, children will not be equipped to halt the damage and build sustainable lifestyles to protect their futures.

It is therefore imperative to bring these environment dangers to the attention of children, so they can find ways to address them. With the aim to equip children with the information and knowledge about cause and consequences of climate change, MCF has launched Climate Change Education for Adaptation Programme in the villages of Vikasnagar block of District Dehradun we are being supported by Education Resource Center, Good Souls Initiative and Small Change.

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