Mountain Children’s Foundation
MCF’S Unique Model Children are powerful agents of change in their communities

MCF’S Unique Model

Planting seeds of lasting, organic change in mountain communities by engaging and empowering children to lead the way.

Our Mission

To empower children through knowledge, training, and the power of collective action to change their communities from the ground up.

The idealism and energy of youth is the best antidote to the forces of marginalization, corruption, helplessness, and apathy under which most rural communities struggle to survive. We tap that energy to help young people create a better world for themselves and all around them. It is nothing less than a revolution in how the people—especially the young people—of the mountains perceive themselves and how they address problems in their communities.

21st Mar 2024

The MCF Story

Learn more about the MCF and how we operate.

12th Dec 2022

Awards and Media

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22nd Aug 0202

Annual Report 2022-23

We are proud to present our Annual report for the year 2022-2023. The 21st of May  2022 marked 20 years since 2002 when 72 children demanded their voices be heard....

12th Dec 2022

Disaster Response

When Disaster Struck Sarkhet Early in the morning on the 19th of August 2022. Sarkhet lies in the Baldalghati area of the Raipur Dehradun Uttarakhand, a block that is well...

20th Jan 2021

Safeguarding Children

Children are exposed to multiple vulnerabilities. The forms of violence against children such as child sexual abuse , child marriage, physical violence at home etc is on n increase. India...

29th Jul 2020

Unlock One

Our work during Unlock One During Unlock 1 public transport was still not available and schools were closed in the mountains although online classes started making an appearance. Offices were...

25th Jun 2020

Lock Down 2 and Beyond – The MCF Journey

Lock Down 2 and Beyond As lock down after lock down followed, the MCF had to expand its initial reaction of supporting families that required food rations. We saw the...

13th Apr 2020

Fighting COVID 19 the MCF Way

Fighting COVID 19 the MCF way Dealing with something as pervasive and fast spreading as a pandemic is particularly challenging in a mountainous and rural regions. We face the problem...

29th Nov 2019

Supporting the MCF from half a world away

Our PABAM members have a well wisher in the US working hard to support their cause.

03rd May 2019

Remidal Teaching for Quality Education

The Mountain Children’s Foundation in partnership with Nucleus Software Foundation (NSF) works in  in 17 villages in the Vikasnagar block of Dehradun and 11 villages in Raipur area of Dehradun,...

24th Oct 2017

Climate Change Education For Adaptation

As Greta Thunberg of Sweden says “you say you love your children above all else, and yet you are stealing their future in front of their very eyes”. The UN...