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Projects CompletedAchievements through Children

Bridging the Generation Gap – Supported by Give to Asia – To connect the youngest and oldest generations by bringing them together to help preserve the traditional songs and stories of their community, build bonds of communication and empathy between children and their elders, and help strengthen the social fabric by bringing the community as a whole together

Children and their role in disaster preparedness – Supported by Give to Asia -. Working with children to understand the disasters that can take place in their village and their role before during and after a disaster. Mapping safe places in their villages. To spread information and awareness through their communities about safety from natural disasters before they hit

Children and Understanding RTI –  Supported by Asha SV – Explaining the Right to Information to children. Helping them understand what issues are important to them and how to file applications.

Teaching over 8000 children about the Right to Information and having them file over 800 RTI applications which have resulted in teachers going to school, toilets being opened in schools, birth registration certificates being made, roads being constructed etc.

Communities building over 180 toilets through the advocacy of the children who understood the need for Sanitation and hygiene.

Planting of over 4000 trees through child advocacy with the Gram Pradhan asking him to access trees at the block level.

Over 2000 delayed birth registered after the children understood the importance of a birth registration and convinced their families.

Over 150 stories collected by children from their grand parents.

Interaction of children with senior bureaucrats, governors , pradhans and other dignotories. See more : /wp-content/uploads/2016/10/MCF-June-2016.pdf

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