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Our Projects

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Indian For Collective Action : Health, Hygiene and Nutrition for Children, A Project in 16 villages of Vikas Nagar Dehradun working with Children in Angnawadis and children in Bal Sangathans. Through this program we reach out to over 1500 children and strengthen Mata Samitis (Mothers Committees) so that they can focus on teh grwoth and nutrition of tehri children

IRIS: Building on Community Sanitation and Nutrition through Child Participation and Early Child Care. Working with over 600 children and their communities strengthening child participation and earky child care and development.

Child Protection – Supported by Childline Foundation India , a project of the ministry of women and child development – 1098 A Children’s emergency helpline in Dehradun – Reaching out to children in need of care and protection. So far we have reached over  5196 children over the pat few years and each year through our out reach program we reach over 8000 children and adults .

Child Participation and Education – Supported by Himmotthan and the Tata Trusts – A new program being rolled out in 20 villages of Ghat Chamoli. The focus being Child Participation and children as change agents as well as working with the educational  system starting with pre primary and moving onto primary school – changing the quality of education offered.

Digital Learning for Quality Education – In partnership with  Nucleus Software Foundation the MCF works  in 26 villages of the Vikasnagar and Raipur block of the District Dehradun, bringing about 599 children under the umbrella of this program.  The program consists of remedial teaching measures, targeting the slow learners to improve their learning outcomes in Maths and English through  remedial methods.

Climate Change Education For Adaptation – MCF has launched this program in the 12 villages of Vikasnagar block of District Dehradun, with the aim to equip children with the information and knowledge about cause and consequences of climate change. This program is being supported by the Good Souls Initiative.

PABAM – A monthly children’s magazine  in Hindi that shares the children’s stories in villages that have no connectivity

Right to Information – In partnership with the Uttrakhand Right To Information Commission MCF held workshops to generate awareness on the Right to Information Act with 30 communities in 4 districts reaching out to over  1514 people

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