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Safeguarding Children

Children are exposed to multiple vulnerabilities. The forms of violence against children such as child sexual abuse , child marriage, physical violence at home etc is on n increase. India is home to the largest number of sexually abused children in the world with a child sexually abused every 15 minutes (NCRB).

For prevention of child abuse and children’s protection, the MCF in a pilot project is working in 4 slum areas and 2 wards of Dehradun

We focus on the adults, the children and work at the ward level as well , so that the vulnerabilities of children can be understood and they can be protected the from sexual abuse and be safe online.

with Adult of the community in 4 slums:

  • To help parents understand the need for protection of their children, understand the signs of violence and sexual violence in a child.
  • How and who to report cases of child sexual abuse of their own chdilren or chidlren in their community
  • To understand online safety for themselves and for their children

Work with children in 4 slums:

  • To form a chdilren’s group in their slum.
  • To understand child Rights and Child Protection
  • To understand safe and unsafe touch and how they can report it if they have experienced it themselves or a friend has experienced it
  • To understand online safety for themselves and their parents
  • To understand reporting mechanisms for online saftey

Work with two wards

  • To strengthen and build on Ward Level Child Protection Committees, so that all children in their wards are safe from child labour, begging , child sexual abuse and physical abuse
  • To understand their role in the protection mechanism for children under the VATSALYA program.

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