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Sanitation, Hygiene & Health

From 2011-2016 MCF partnered with CRY to build awareness of hygiene, sanitation and nutrition in 16 villages in of the Vikas Nagar block in Dehradun district. In 2017, MCF received an eNGO award for this effort, as described in the video above.

Through this program the children advocated for and persuaded their parents and community members to build 258 toilets and 1,151 dustbins/garbage receptacles. (The MCF program did not provide funds for the building of the toilets or garbage receptacles – this cost was borne by the community.)

More importantly, we have seen dramatic changes in community attitudes and practices when it comes to hygiene and sanitation in the village.

As part of the MCF/CRY hygiene and sanitation campaign, the children conducted a healthy home survey in the 16 villages of the project area. In the process of conducting the survey, the children talked to the families about why certain practices and habits are considered “healthy” and others are not, promoting greater understanding of hygiene and sanitation. Furthermore the survey, when conducted over multiple years, also serves as a way to measure whether there has been any change in people’s behavior as a result of this campaign.

The survey is a simple format that the children take to each home and give points against each activity. The children then tabulate each format and the winners are selected based on the highest number of points.The children developed the questions themselves and the homes surveyed were primarily those of their own families, but they also surveyed other homes if the families were willing.

The children surveyed 494 homes in 2012. The number rose to 647 homes surveyed in 2016 and showed a dramatic change in habits over that time.

For more information about the Healthy Home Survey responses and the project as a whole, please see:

MCF CRY Annual Report 2016

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